With the goal of minimizing overall operational costs for this facility, Mid Coast Solid Waste is contracting with Sargent Corporation to install a subsurface dam between the water filled northern end of the quarry and the waste filled southern end of the quarry starting the last week of October. Cutting this flow of water off could drop our leachate pumping and treatment costs by between 35% and 40% per year and pay for itself within 15 years. This is particularly important when one considers that our four communities are committed to pump some amount of leachate from within the waste filled quarry to Camden Wastewater Treatment Plant forever. By cutting this flow as much as possible, and applying the best possible closure to the landfill when the time comes, we would minimize what needs to be pumped to only what is absolutely necessary.

The construction will proceed for a minimum of 4 weeks. An excavation and an impermeable backfill are the two main components of the project. During this period, minimizing your visits to the station as well as following all traffic control signs indicating temporary traffic patterns would be greatly appreciated! In fact, we are relying considerably on your cooperation to keep this project running safely and smoothly. During this period we will necessarily have ONE WAY traffic flow through the facility. If you forget a stop, you will have to exit the facility and start again at the entrance. This is inconvenient but for the safety of all. Please plan the loads that you are intending to deliver. Please also drive with care and follow instructions provided by our crew. Thank you one and all!

Citizen Video In Support of ecomaine Contract Vote:

ecomaine video


Representatives of Mid-Coast Solid Waste and ecomaine will be providing a public information session at area Selectboard meetings in the towns of Rockport, Lincolnville, Hope and Camden. The purpose of the information sharing will be to promote the MCSWC Board of Directors recommendation to our citizens to approve a 3-5 year contract with ecomaine at the starting price of $57.85 per ton for the disposal of municipal solid waste generated in the four communities.  This contract will be effective on April 1, 2018. If you have any questions or comments on this issue, or just wish to know a bit more, please attend any one of these meetings. Thank you!

Next Public Information Session to be held at the Camden Select Board Meeting on

                   November 1, 2016     Camden Select Board

                   Camden Town Office                     6:30 PM

Additional Information Video: https://youtu.be/_YhAtuyx5jU

Additional Information:  Letter to the Editor on November 8th Vote & ecomaine