This message is a reminder to all residents who may dispose of sharp house generated items that, with proper handling, can be placed in the regular trash collection bags if the following steps are taken first.

Sharp items include syringes, pen needles, lancets, razor blades, etc. and the only means of proper disposal at the MCSWC Transfer Station is to package them as stated here and place them in purchased household bags.  Following the rules will save a waste disposal employee from getting stuck and from the required testing for infectious diseases.  This process will also allow for a cleaner recycling product with regard to our colored plastic collection.

DO’S Put used sharps (needles, syringes, lancets) in a sharps container.  You can buy containers at your local drugstore. If you do not have a sharps container:
1.  ONLY USE a plastic bottle that cannot be broken or punctured – SUCH AS A LAUNDRY DETERGENT BOTTLE.
2.  Close the screw-on cap tightly.
3.  Put tape over the cap and write “CONTAINS SHARPS” on the bottle and place in household trash bag.
DONT’S NEVER put your loose/used sharps container with your recyclables. Don’t put used sharps in soda bottles or any other screw or snap top bottles, milk cartons, glass bottles or containers that can be broken or punctured.  DO NOT USE COFFEE CANS as the lid can be removed or leakage may occur.

Note: Any other household medical waste such as bandages, dressing, gloves or other soiled materials should be placed in a plastic bag and securely fastened BEFORE placing it in your garbage can.

For more information please view the information on the following websites, or call MCSWC at 207-236-2467.