• Our recycling program is environmentally and financially important to our community. Environmentally, it’s ultimate purpose is to save energy which is what it takes more of when we need to harvest or mine lower and lower quality reserves as we use things up. So environmentally it makes sense as long as there is a net savings in energy. Financially, the benefit comes two fold, the first being the cost that we don’t pay to ship it off as trash to be burned.
  • The second financial benefit is that all revenues from the program go towards lowering our assessment to the tax base each year. Revenues in excess of expectations are carried forward into the new year’s budget. With these thoughts in mind, it makes total sense for everyone to be recycling. Well, we’ve changed a few things around over the last year. Most of this effort has been aimed at doing more with less; costing you, the taxpayer, less money.


We’ll never achieve what we could, however, unless the public understands why the system is set up the way it is and continues to help us make it better.  Let’s take a walk down the line…..

As you approach the line, remember that either side can be used and please pull as far forward as you can.


This year the Camden Lions Club is helping us to recover returnables dropped off at the Station.

With a 66/33 split (66 to the club) perhaps your not for profit community service organization would be interested in helping us capture a year’s worth of returnables. For more info and an application click here.

Clear Jars and Bottles Only: Please remove the lids as they are contaminants. While MCSW has been collecting clear jars and bottles for many years it has been perhaps a decade since it was actually recycled into more glass. This is because, drinking glasses, vases, window glass, pyrex, lightbulbs etcetera all have different melting temps. Jars and bottles melt at the same time and can be sold to the fiberglass insulation market.

Colored Jars and Bottles Only: Same idea, just jars and bottles! (not all jars and bottles)