Our Recycling Bin line-up is pictured below.  The bins are positioned for easy drop off and we have recently color coded them to make it more helpful. The line is designed to be used on both sides.

  • The first few smaller bins are available to place redeemable cans and bottles for the Lions Club to obtain funds for the community.
  • The next set of small metal bins accept glass jars for diversion, both colored and clear.
  • The third set of bins is for mixed plastic products that are “numbered” for recycling.  The numbers will be 1 or 3 through 7 and located usually on the bottom of the empty container.   Look for the (triangle) with a number (1 to 7) – PLEASE NO STYROFOAM!

The larger bins are color coded

FIRST GREEN BIN –  # 2 Colored Plastic  – Laundry Bottles and all other plastic with the #2 on it. Colored HDPE Plastic only, Discerning the plastic number (which indicates the chemical resin) can be more of a challenge.

BLUE BIN – All Natural Plastic – HDPE Milk and Water jugs any plastic that is opaque in nature. No color added to plastic. It looks grey.

RED BIN – Steel and Aluminum Cans (also tinfoil/pie plates) Cans that held food or beverage only.

YELLOW BIN – Newspaper and Magazines – no brown paper please!

BLACK BIN – Mixed Paper and Box Board

LAST TWO GREEN BINS – Corrugated Cardboard and Brown Paper Bags – remove all foam and break down boxes please.