Once the CDD landfill is full and properly closed, not only will we need to continue pumping water out of it, we will need to haul all remaining CDD generated by our communities to proper disposal facilities hours away. This will be very expensive.

CONSTRUCTION WOOD (program currently on hold)
In an effort to extend the life of the facility we have, we are providing the opportunity to divert much of the largest component of the waste stream away from the landfill – wood

  • Wood waste makes up better than half of this waste stream.
  • To encourage diversion, we charge a lower fee for wood waste than for mixed debris.
  • Although the market is very highly regulated, diverted wood can be ground on site and sent to licensed biomass boilers to be used as fuel.

To participate in this effort, wood must arrive separate from mixed debris and contain absolutely no pressure treated or creosote treated wood. Plastic and other non wood contaminants must be kept to a minimum. If we fail at this, we lose one of only a handful of markets in the State and we are out the invested processing costs. If you cannot do it right, don‛t do it!


  • Sheetrock provides the mineral content to create hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten eggs) once buried in the landfill.
  • By diverting it, landfill odors can be minimized and landfill space conserved.
  • We are currently trucking it to Commercial Paving and Recycling where it can be used in finished compost, reclaim gravel mixes and actually to make new sheetrock once it is processed.

To participate in this effort, loads of sheetrock can be deposited in a container near the big bulky metal bin. Sheetrock only should be deposited. Any other contaminants will need to be cleaned up prior to trucking it off so please be mindful. (SEE FEE SCHEDULE)

What more can be said? This bin is only for metal items. Please exclude anything else. When in doubt, please ask at the gatehouse. (SEE FEE SCHEDULE)

Please do not put weeds and vines in this area. If high quality enough, this ground material can also be used as fuel, in compost and to make trails. (SEE FEE SCHEDULE)